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filo-tidbits recipe

Date:    Mon, 27 Dec 93 09:57:37 PST
 From:    Jan Gordon (jagordon@AGSM.UCLA.EDU)
 filo tidbits                                               
 I found this in a cookbook and, as usual, took the basic idea and made 
 up my own.  The premise is to take frozen filo pastry, cut the large 
 sheets into quarters, (be sure to read the box and keep the sheets 
 covered, they do dry out quickly!)
 Then place a small amount of filling in the center, roll-up, and twist 
 the ends gently to make what looks like a party favor, you know, those 
 This is the fruit filling I made:
 two apples, peels intact, chopped
 4 dried peach halves, chopped
 generous sprinkling of nutmeg
 A touch of water
 Cook on low, covered till all is mushy, add water as needed, you want it 
 to be pretty dry.
 Then I sprayed the baking pan lightly with Pam and also sprayed the 
 pastrys lightly.  They were crisp and wonderful.
 kwvegan vegan