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creamcheese-frosting recipe

Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 09:44:38 -0700
From: DeMeyerNY@aol.com
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                       Nonfat Creamcheese Frosting

Recipe By     : Everyday Cooking with Dr. Dean Ornish
Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
Categories    : Desserts

  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------  ------------  --------------------------------
   1      8-oz. pkg.    fatfree cream cheese
     1/4  cup           sugar

Beat cream cheese and sugar with a stiff whisk, a hand-held mixer, or a 
wooden spoon until smooth and creamy.  Spread evenly over cake surface.
(my note):  add some cocoa powder or a squirt of chocolate sauce for added 

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