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chocolate-lump recipe

Date:    Thu, 25 Aug 94 14:07:46 MDT
 From:    Julie DiBiase (jules@anchor.cs.colorado.edu)
 Chocolate Lump (the final version)
   2 egg whites
   2 T prune butter
   1/4 c dk. br. sugar
   1-1/2 T cocoa
   1/3 c FF buttermilk
   1/2 c WW pastry flour
   1/2 c wheat bran
   1/2 t baking soda
   Dash of salt
   1 T FF Sour Cream
   3 T FF buttermilk
   1 T dk. br. sugar
   1 t extract of choice (I use hazelnut)
   Dash of agar agar
 "Cream" egg, butter, sugar, cocoa.  Stir in buttermilk.  In a separate 
 bowl, combine dry ingredients then add to liquid and mix well.  Pour into
 a 9" round pan and bake for 20-30' at 350.  
 While baking, blend together frosting ingredients and freeze.  
 Cool chocolate lump for 5 minutes on a rack, frost (really, more like
 a sauce), and eat warm.  Serves 1.
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