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baked-apples-3 recipe

Date: Mon, 07 Apr 1997 23:22:00
From: "Michael M. Rosenblatt" (podtrst@isomedia.com)

Last night's baked apples were a big success.



4-5 apples of your choice, raw
brown sugar
maple syrup
karo syrup (corn sweetener)
dried fruit of your choice
fresh or frozen strawberries
very low fat granola (Health Valley)* (adds some fat)
cinnamon powder

*Hints on granola. You have to look at the labels of granola
carefully. Many have considerable added fat; and some are
totally unacceptable. I believe Health Valley makes one
that is available in most health food stores. It contains
no extra fat added--just fruit sweeteners, and the fruit
is packed separately in a little foil wrapper. I absoulely
love this stuff. All granola has fat due to the rolled oats.
The key is to make sure that this is the ONLY fat in it. 

Core the apples
place in un-sprayed Corning ware dish that can be covered.
Sprinkle the apples with a very small amount of brown 
sugar. Add the dried fruit and strawberries. Put some
raisins inside the core-area of the apples.  Sprinkle
with the vlf granola.  If you follow McDougal, you
will probably not use this recipe since it has 
corn sweetener in it. You can leave that out if
you wish. You can also leave out the
maple syrup, but I like all of these used in
small amounts. Remember, apples and dried fruit
are already very sweet, by themselves.
Sprinkle with cinnamon. 

Set oven to bake VERY slowly, about 300-325 degrees.
Keep covered until finished, when the apples are
completely cooked, about 45 minutes. Don't add
water to this recipe. There is plenty of water
in the apples already. Remember that the apples
still cook for about 15 minutes after you remove
this from the oven, if you keep them covered.

Delicious, but sweet...

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