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Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 11:22:58 -0800
From: judy.mingram@West.Sun.COM (Judy Mingram - SunSoft)

Toasted Couscous
Vite Vite
Serves 2

(author's notes)
Regular couscous has a pasta-like flavor, while this method gives the
grains a nutty and smoky flavor which I prefer.  I offer it because it
is so different.  If you want to make regular couscous, simply follow
the instructions on the package.  For this recipe the ratio of couscous
to water is always 1:1.5, so you can make any amount you

1 cup medium-size couscous
1 1/2 cups boiling water

Toast the couscous over a low flame in a medium-weight frying pan
without oil or shortening, stirring or shaking vigorously so the
granules don't stick to the bottom.  When you smell the rich flavor of
the semolina, now slightly darkened and tanned, drop the contents into
a deep, covered casserole dish.  Add the boiling water immediately.
Cover and let the couscous steam for ten minutes.  (Warning:  do not
lift the top of the casserole dish for a peek, as this seemingly
innocuous action will make for lumpy couscous.)

After 10 minutes remove the cover from the casserole dish, and then
fluff the couscous with a wooden fork or chopsticks.  Serve hot under
the "face" of a stew.

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