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couscous-seven-vegetables-2 recipe

Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 06:33:06 -0700
From: Maralyn (maralyn.olsen@virgin.net)

Cous cous with seven vegetables (Maralyn's version)

Cous cous is Morocco's national dish and seven is a lucky number there 
so seven vegetables are used

1 large onion chopped
half a 150g pkt sundried tomatoes prepare as directed take care with 
                                   seasoning as they are very salty
2 medium carrots cut in half and sliced in batons
1 red pepper sliced in batons
1/2 butternut squash peeled and cubed
1 large or 2 smaller courgettes(zucchini) sliced into batons similar 
                                          size to carrots
equivalent of 1 15oz can beans (I used red and black as I had them in
                                 the freezer)
handfull sultanas (optional)
Cous cous I used one flavoured with herbs and garlic
1 vegetable stock cube    approx 4oz tomato juice (I used some tinned 
                           that I had put through processor/juicer)
Chili to taste   2 tsp dried parsley  1 tsp each of coriander(cilantro)
                                       black pepper  turmeric
about 1" square piece of ginger sliced or 1 tsp dried ginger
salt to taste but take care as sundried tomatoes are salty

In large pan put onion, sundried tomatoes, stock cube about 1/2 pint 
water, tomato juice and seasoning.Cook until onion  is tender stirring 
occasionally.Keep covered.I also added the beans at this point
Add carrots, red pepper simmer for approx 15mins
Add  butternut squash, cougettes(zucchini)sultanas keep covered and 
simmer for further 15mins or so.
You need at this point to check on the liquid if too dry add more water 
or tomato juice but if too runny remove lid and cook off some of the 
Prepare couscous as directed
Serve and pile vegetables on top of couscous.Makes 2 good servings or 1 
and plenty to reheat or take to work.

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