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chocolate-macaroons-2 recipe

Date:    Sun, 16 Oct 94 20:29:57 PST
 From:    "Rob Ryerson" (RYERSONRA@compctr.ccs.csus.edu)
 Chocolate Macaroons VLF - Archive Recipe Update
 I got this from the archive, altered it slightly, and it was great. 
 Since I crunched it through Micro Cookbook for breakdowns, I'll just 
 post the way the recipe came back out. Please drop me a line if you 
 see any inaccuracies since I didn't hand verify the nutritional info.
     Serves : 30
 Prep. :20   Cook :0     Stand :20       Total :40
     From: Crispin Cowan via Internet Fat-Free List Archive
     3   Cups Brown Sugar
     1/3 Cup Fat Free Soy Moo
     1/3 Cup Oatmeal Milk (J. McDougall Recipe)
     1   tsp. vanilla extract
     1   tsp. coconut extract
     4   Tbs. unsweetened cocoa powder
     4   Cups rolled oats  (quick oats acceptable)
     Mix sugar & milks in a pot, and bring to a boil. Remove from 
 heat, and stir in vanilla & coconut extracts. Stir in cocoa, and mix 
 until blended. Stir in oats. Mix well, should make a very stiff 
 dough. Spoon onto a cookie sheet, and refrigerate for 20 minutes.
     Nutrition (per serving) 71 calories
         Saturated Fat       0 g
         Total Fat           0 g (5% of cals)
         Protein             1 g (6% of cals)
         Carbohydrates      16 g (89% of cals)
         Cholesterol         0 mg    Sodium      10 mg
         Fiber               0 g     Iron         1 mg
         Vitamin A           5 IU    Vitamin C    0 mg
         Alchol              0 g
         Source Fat-Free List Archive on the Internet
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