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banana-oat-cookies recipe

Date:    Wed, 06 Oct 93 18:39:54 PDT
 From:    J. Ari Kornfeld (ari@sibari.isl.sri.com)
  Tina posted some cookie recipes a couple of weeks ago (taken from
 Eating Well magazine.) well I played with the recipe a bit and came up
 with the following.  I really like the results.
  Last batch I accidentally skipped the egg replacer and the cookies
 still came out great!  so they are excluded here too.  You may want to
 experiment with this for different textures.
    Banana-Date-Oatmeal Cookies
    1/2 Cup   packed brown sugar
    1/2 Cup   Honey
    2  large  bananas (at least two cups mashed)
    1   Tbsp  vanilla extract
    3/4 Cup   chopped dates
    2   Cups  rolled oats, toasted
    1/2 Cup   rolled wheat flakes, toasted
    1   Cup   cake flour (all-purpose is okay but not as tender)
    1   tsp   baking soda
    2   tsp   ground cinnamon
    1/2 tsp   salt
    some      whole wheat flour (see instructions)
    oven: 350 F
    line 2 baking sheets with parchment or coat with non-stick spray
    or use a non-stick tray.
    Toasting oats:  Heat a large skillet over medium/low-high flame and
    add half the oats.  Toast, stiring frequently until the oats begin
    to color and become fragrant (5 minutes or so).
    Mash bannana and mix with wet ingredients and brown sugar.  If
 banana isn't overripe microwave a bit to make it mushy (30 seconds?)
    Toast the grains a cup at a time and add them to the wet mixture as
 the next batch is toasting.  (This allows the grains to soak up some
    Stir in remaining ingredients.
    Pour some whole wheat flour into a dish.  Scoop up around a
 tablespoonful of the dough and dip one side into the whole wheat
 flour.  Stick the floured side onto the baking sheet (this will
 prevent sticking both during baking and during storage.)
    Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until lightly browned.  Transfer cookies
 to a wire rack to cool.  Makes 3 dozen cookies.
    Storage: I have had no problem storing these cookies for several
 days.  Store in an airtight container.
    Notes: Because there is no fat to help them spread, the cookies will
    be kind of lumpy.  Do toast the oats, it ads depth to the flavor.
   ALTERNATIVE: Take the original recipe and substiture one bananan for
 the apple sauce.  This produces a very dry (crunchy) cookie as opposed
 to the chewy cookies of this recipe.
 kwhoney honey