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Date:	Mon, 9 Jun 1997 12:00:03 -0400
From:	sylvia@itrc.on.ca (Sylvia Genders LeReverend)

Ricotta, Yogurt, and Creamed Cheese

I had a friend who used to make ricotta by heating 4 c. (1 qt.) skim milk
to scalding, adding 1 T. lemon juice, and stirring it in. When it was cool,
she poured it through a muslin cloth over a collander, and chilling the
ricotta curds, and using the whey in soups.

I make yogurt by heating a tin of evaporated skim milk and water to
scalding, and adding a generous scoop of skimmed milk powder. When it is
cool enough to hold my hand to the side of the pot, I add a heaping
tablespoon of plain yogurt, whisk it in, and putting it in my gas oven
(which I've warmed to about 150 degrees, then turned it off when I put in
the yogurt). I use a glass jar with a rubber-ringed top for this. After 8
hours, I put it into the fridge, and get very good yogurt.

For FF creamed cheese, I dump the yogurt into my Donvier cheesemaker, but
before that used to pour it into a designated pillow case and hang it over
my sink overnight, with a bowl underneath to catch the whey.

For orange (or raspberry/red currant) creamed cheese, smooth in some orange
marmelade with the back of a spoon. Very good on dark rye!

For Boursin, add some fresh minced garlic and fines herbes. Good with cream
crackers or water biscuits.

For pepper cheese, add bits of red pepper and some cracked pepper grains.

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