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lebanese-yogurt recipe

Date: Tue, 19 Sep 1995 16:34:34 -0800
 From: "CORINNE B WHITESELL:" (ANCBW@acad2.alaska.edu)
 Yogurt Lebanese style
 Forty years ago I lived for two years in Beirut, Lebanon where I was
 first intro- duced to yogurt.  It had not yet become popular in the
 USA.  I continue to make it as I learned there, and still find it by
 far the easiest.  No special ingredients or special yogurt making
 equipment needed.
 1.  Bring milk to a full boil.  (Boiled milk is hard curd, unboiled
      milk is soft curd.  You want the firmer product.).
 2.  Pour the boiled milk into a crockery bowl and cool it just
      until you can put your little finger in and count to 10 before
      you are forced to remove it..  This will be exactly in the right
      temperature range for proper incubation of yogurt culture.
 3  Add heaping tablespoon (or more) of yogurt culture saved
      from the last time you made it.  (Purchase fresh, or get
      some from another person who makes yogurt regularly if
      this is your first time.
 4.  Cover bowl with wax paper or a plate and "cosy" it with
      WOOL fabric for 3 - 5 hours.  Longer incubation produces 
       more tartness.
 The point of a crockery container is that it holds heat.  The
 point of wool is the same.  I use a baked bean pot and cosy it 
 with a wool hat and wool blanket or large wool scarf.  Adequate
 cosying will keep the temperature at proper incubation range
 for hours.
 Nothing to prevent you from using fat-free milk when you
 make your own.  Can also be loaded with extra powdered milk
 for an even firmer product.
 kwlacto lacto