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green-curry-paste-2 recipe

Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 09:28:23 -0700
From: "Noel V. Nevins" (noelvn@teleport.com)

Green Curry Paste:

1/4-1/8 onion (how big is your onion?)
4-8 cloves garlic (how much do you like garlic?)
8-10 slices fresh ginger (*asian market if necessary)
1-2 slices fresh *galanga (1/2 tsp dried?)
	(sub another coupla slices ginger)
1/2 bunch cilantro (*asian market if necessary)
1-3 jalapenos (how hot do you like things? I use 2)
	(sub *thai bird peppers if you like)
1 stalk *lemongrass
	(sub strong lemongrass tea for liquid in curry,
	or use some lemon zest)
a few *lime leaves (or use some lime zest)

Remove jalapeno stems but use seeds. Trim off long cilantro stems. Cut off
the root-nub and grassy ends of lemongrass, keeping about the lower 6" or
so, which gets cut up a bit. Put everything in your preferred
whizzer-gizmo, and whiz it up good, adding a little water as necesssary.
You're aiming for a lumpy paste-ish texture.

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