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curry-powder-2 recipe

Date: Sun, 16 Jul 1995 17:48:53 -0400
 From: srogers@barint.on.ca (Sean Rogers)
 Curry powder
 The following is from page 527 of The Joy of Cooking:
 We think of curry, which is really a highy seasoned sauce, mainly as a
 powder sitting on the shelf ready to be added when foods need a lift. But
 curry powders are best when the spices are freshly ground or incorporated
 into a paste with onion, garlic, fruits and vegetables as commonplace as
 apples and carrots and as exotic as tamarind and pomegranate...They range in
 strength from the fiercely hot curries of Madras to the mild ones of
 Indonesia. The mixtures below give you an idea of the variety and extent of
 curry bases. Amounts to use per portion are a matter of tolerance...While
 making up the dish use plenty of fresh garlic and onion
 1    oz  each ginger, coriander and cardomom
 1/4  oz  cayenne
 3    oz  turmeric
 2    oz  each of the seed of coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, black pepper
 2 1/2oz  cumin seed
 1 1/2oz  each poppy and cardamom seeds
 1/2  oz  mustard seed
 1/2  oz  dry ginger
 2    oz  dry chilis
 1    oz  cinnamon
 1    oz  each turmeric, coriander and cumin
 1/2  oz  dry ginger and peppercorns
 1/4  oz  dried hot peppers and fennel seed
 1/8  oz  each mustard, poppy seeds, cloves and mace
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