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cottage-cheese recipe

Date: Thu, 14 Sep 1995 17:48:45 +0600
 From: jguevara@servidor.dgsca.unam.mx (Jenka Guevara)
 1 liter water, divided in four, 4 cups
 Put one cup of this water in a heavy pan to boil.
 In the blender put:
     2 cups water
     4 cups powdered milk
   1/4 cup whey (*)
 blend completely, add to boiling water. Use last cup of water to clean the 
 Let everything get warm, not hot.  Leave the pan on the stove's pilot till 
 it looks like a pudding.  If your stove does not have a pilot put it in the 
 oven leaving the light on, or cover pan with a thick blanket.  About one 
 night.  When done, let it simmer a little, to get the curds, then let it 
 cool and pass through a cheese cloth.  Keep the whey for the next time.
 (*) for the whey
 You can buy a rennet tablet, but easier, although it takes a little longer, 
 use some drops of lime juice.  Do not forget to keep the whey.  I freeze 
 mine in quarter cup sizes, and when I need it use one of my frozen ones.  If 
 you have too much whey it can be used in soups.
 This recipe makes a lot, you might want to make less, just cut the water and 
 milk in half, the same amount of whey
 kwlacto lacto