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east-asian-salad-rolls recipe

Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 09:23:34 +1000
From: laurab@dynamite.com.au (Laura Barwick)

East Asian Salad Rolls

Now that the Australian summer is almost here, and the weather is glorious
I have been living on south east asion style salad rolls.  They make a
great party food - everyone can make their own.

Round rice paper (noodle) sheets
Rice vermacelli (celophane noodles)
1 bunch asparagus
1 cucumber (lebanese/english)
1 carrot
spring onions (green onions/'shallots')
mung bean shoots (sprouts)
mushrooms etc etc

Cut the veggies up into thin strips about 3 inches long.  Microwave the
asparagus for 3 minutes and chill. Soak 1 big handful of noodles in boiling
water for 10 minutes.

Fill a big dish with warm water, dip the rice paper one sheet at a time in
this water till it softens (1-2min).  Place the rice paper flat on a plate
and add a bit of lettuce, a little bundle of noodles and whatever veggies
you like.  Don't fill it too full.  Fold the 'sides' of the rice paper in,
then roll firmly to make a cigar shaped  bundle. The rice daper will be
very hard to work with if you soak it too long or let it dry out. Marinated
LF tofu can also be included.

Serve with dipping sauces:

1) Honey Miso
1 tbsp strong honey (eg clover)
1 1/2 tbsp red miso
Stir together and enjoy.  This is really good with cucumber!

2) Almost traditional
1 inch of spring onion finely minced
1 chile finely minced
2 tbsp white vinegar
2 tbsp soy sauce (replaces fish sauce)
1/2 tsp sugar
Stir together and enjoy. This makes a nice salad dressing too.

kwhoney honey