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tvp-chili recipe

Date:    Tue, 21 Sep 93 13:55:20 BST
 From:    Michael Traub (traub@btcs.bt.co.uk)
 1 large		Onion
 3 cloves	Garlic
 2 Green		Chillies, finely chopped
 1 Red		Chilli, finely chopped
 3 teaspoons	Cummin
 1-1/2 lbs	TVP (soaked weight) marinated for at least 3 hours in:
 		1 teaspoon	Mixed Herbs
                 1 teaspoon      Oregano
 		2 teaspoons	Black Pepper
 		1		Vegetable Stock Cube
 		sufficient	boiling water to cover
 to taste	Black Pepper
 1 lb		Peeled Tomatoes
 1 cup		water
 1 lb		Sweet Corn/Corn
 1 lb		Kidney Beans (cooked weight)
 to thicken	Tomato Puree/Paste
 Sizzle  onions,  garlic  and spices in some water. Add the TVP and cook for
 another  few  minutes.  Add  the  tomatoes  and  water  and cook for fiteen
 minutes. Add the corn and kidney beans. Add tomato puree to thicken.
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