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mung-bean-chili recipe

Date:    Tue, 16 Aug 94 21:45:34 CDT
 From:    Natalie Frankel (Natalie.Frankel@mixcom.mixcom.com)
 (T) Chili
 1 cup		Mung Beans (I used Bob's Red Mill brand of hard-shell,
 		sprouted beans), soaked for 3 hrs. but not cooked, then
 		all liquid drained off)*
 1 15 oz. can	kidney beans, rinsed
 1 cup		corn kernels, fresh off the cob or frozen
 2 15 oz. cans	tomato sauce
 1 10 oz. can 	stewed tomatoes
 3 		cut up fresh tomatoes
 1		onion, coarsely chopped
 1 TB		chili powder
 1 TB		cumin
 1/4 tsp		freshly ground pepper (about 4 twists of the pepper grinder)
 4		chili peppers (I put them in a tea diffuser and dropped the
 		whole thing in because the peppers are hot and have alot of
 		seeds and I was afraid it would be too hot for me.  You
 		could also wrap them in cheese cloth if you have some, or
 		just throw them in and let them cook away.)
 1 		coarsely chopped green pepper
 1		coarsely chopped red pepper
 3 stalks	coarsely chopped celery
 Put all of the ingredients above the line in a crock pot.  Cook on high for
 2 hours.  Lower heat to low and cook an additional 6-10 hours.  When ready to 
 serve, stir in a mixture of green and red peppers and celery.  The heat of the
 chili will heat them through but leave them crunchy.  If you are reheating
 the chili before serving, put the peppers/celery in just before 
 *The mung beans are not as hard as regular beans, and the sprouting causes
 them to crack a little.  I'm not sure if there are other brands just like
 this that can also be used.  If not, use black beans or other beans, canned
 or cooked in place of the mung beans.
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