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mixed-bean-chili recipe

Date:    Fri, 27 Aug 93 12:51:05 EDT
 From:    aji@geri.duke.edu (Andrew J. Infante)
 So, I added 1 cup of tvp to 2 cups of water, with a few tbls of
 chili powder and 4-5 cloves of garlic, minced, and simmered (boiled)
 in a pan, to create the "meat" for the chili.
 3 large bell peppers (red, green, yellow - very nice looking! :), chopped
 More and more garlic (I'm italian :)
 I forgot turmeric, and realized that that's what give chili alot of flavor
 Chili powder - about 1/8 cup :0 - I like it HOT!
 (well, maybe more like 1/12 cup)
 2 large chopped onions
 5-6 medium tomatoes, chopped
 1 can (8oz) tomato paste
 1 can (16 oz) tomato puree
 Red and green hot peppers (chilis and jalepenos, enough for making the
 brow sweat! :)
 2 cups black beans, (about, I didn't really measure anything!), softened
 2-3 cups red pinto beans (same as above)
 (these were boiled for 'bout 10 minutes, then soaked 24 hours prior)
 1/8 cup nutritional yeast (flavor ~cheezy)
 2 More cups mixed softened beans, pulverized in food processor
 After the TVP is brazed (? whatever...) in the pan - enough to 
 look like meat (for me, I need that), add everything else.
 Beware, this makes _alot_ of chili!
 (also added to the pot was about 6 cups of water to mix everything 
 Cook for about 5 hours at low heat (it doesn't have to - I left the
 house and it kept cooking...:)
 kwvegan vegan