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crockpot-chili recipe

Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 11:45:18 -0800
 From: ac002@lafn.org (Michael Block)
 Okay, here it is...my best crockpot chili yet!  I hope my notes make 
 sense (grin) 
 1 c. Black Beans (raw)  	    - soak overnite
 1 c. Kidney Beans (raw)		    -   "      "
 1 c. Yellow Split-Peas (raw)        -   "      "
 1 c. French Green Lentils (raw)     - simmer 20 minutes first
 1 c. TVP flakes (dry)               - soak 15 min w/ 1 c. water 
 16oz Tomatoes (can)             
  8oz Tomato Paste               
 1 T. Chili Powder               
 1 t. Ground Cumin                
 1 t. Cayenne Pepper             
 1 t. Garlic Powder              
 1 T. Cellery Flakes
 1/2 t. vegetarian Worcestershire
 1/2 t. Lea & Perrens White Wine Worcestershire 
 1 t. Texas Tears Habanero Chili Sauce 
 5 cloves Garlic                    - roast until soft
 1 bunch Green Onions               - chopped
 Vegetable Broth 
 NIGHT BEFORE - Rinse Black Beans, Kidney Beans and Split-Peas.  
 Soak these legumes overnight (I start soaking the legumes right
 after dinner or just before going to bed).
 30 MINUTES REQUIRED - Place 5 cloves of Garlic into a garlic roaster
 or rap in foil...place into a 350 deg oven for 30 min (or until soft)
 20 MINUTES REQUIRED - Rinse Lentils and place into boiling water...
 simmer for 20 min.  Then remove and strain.
 15 MINUTES REQUIRED - Place TVP in a bowl...add water...let soak for 15 min.
 ADD TO CROCKPOT -  Add canned Tomatoes and Tomatoe Paste...mix together 
 Tomatoes are whole chop...I use a Braun hand blender in the crockpot)...
 add Chili Powder, Ground Cumin, Cayenne Pepper, Garlic Powder, Cellery 
 Flakes, Lea & Perrins, Texas Tears, roasted Garlic (paste squeezed from 
 cloves), chopped Green Onions...stir/mix together. Next add the soaked 
 TVP flakes then add the Lentiles...stir...then add remaining legumes (at 
 this point I help the legumes sink to the bottom of my crockpot to keep 
 myself from adding too much broth).  Finaly I add enough vegetable broth to 
 cover the legumes. 
 SET CROCKPOT on HIGH for 1-2 hours...stir ocassionaly...
 Then SET CROCKPOT on LOW and let cook for another 6-9 hours.
 kwvegan vegan