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crock-pot-chili recipe

Date:    Thu, 07 Jul 94 10:25:27 EDT
 From:    Lynn Stepanek (vaughn@queens.edu)
 Crock Pot Chili
 15 oz dried (Kidney) Beans 
 1 package (Ortega) Chili Seasoning
    (or your own mix of chili spices)
 30 oz crushed tomatoes 
 2 cups dried TVP (ground beef sized pieces)
 1 cup hot water (tap is fine)
 1 large onion diced
 cumin, chili pepper, cayenne pepper to taste
 enough water to keep from burning
 - Rinse and soak beans overnight
 - mix TVP with hot water, 1/2 onions, and "spices to taste", soak 
 - in morning:  drain beans, put in crockpot with tomatoes and chili
   seasoning mix, add enough water to keep from burning, cook all day
   on low while at work
 - in evening take 1/2 of bean mix and put in pot.  Mix TVP in with 
   beans in crockpot, cook another two to four hours
 - Taste to make sure beans are done.  Serve with rice or cornbread,
   salad, etc for a meal.
 Notes:  Can leave out TVP for just "chili beans".
         I also added green peppers and chopped mushrooms to the TVP
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