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chili-2 recipe

Date:    Mon, 21 Nov 94 10:46:47 PST
 From:    William Evans (evans@c4west.eds.com)
 Here's an easy ff chile that takes only about an hour of total effort.  
 I buy dried beans and soak for 24 hours as it seems to reduce the gas, 
 and they cook tender better.  This makes about 14 cups, so adjust
 if you aren't a big chile fan. 
 1 pound	     Dried beans (mix to your liking, I usually use 1/2 red, 1/2 white)
 1 14oz can   S&W Salsa with Chipotle chiles (hot, there are some of lower temp)
 2 14oz can   S&W Mexican tomatoes (or your favorite kind)
 1 14oz can   clear vegetable broth
 1 2oz? can   tomato paste (optional, to your taste)
 1 2oz  can   chopped mild chiles 
 1 14oz can   corn (could use frozen also)
 1 large      white onion, chopped
 1 med        green pepper, chopped
 1 med        red pepper, chopped
 4 stalks     celery, chopped
 1 c          mushrooms, chopped
 3-4 cloves   garlic, minced
 1 pkg        Carroll Shelby's Chile Mix (or your own special mix)
 Start the beans soaking in 6-8 c warm water.  I rinse and change water 
 three or four times in 24 hours.
 After soaking, in fresh water, bring to a slow rolling boil for an hour.
 Start at hi and reduce to med once the beans start boiling.  Keep almost
 covered, or you will end up with a steam bath in the kitchen. Stir
 every 15 minutes.  Add water if necessary. 
 Start everything else when you turn the heat up on the beans.
 Saute the garlic in a tbls of the vegetable broth on med in a 2-3 qt pan.  
 Chop the onion and add to the garlic, adding the rest of the broth.  
 Chop and add the green and red peppers, mushrooms and the celery.  
 Continue the saute for about 15 mins until the veges are softened.
 Add the salsa, tomatoes and tomato paste.  Add the can of corn (drained).
 Add the chile seasoning, and continue to simmer on low, stiring occasionally.
 When the beans are done, drain, rinse and return to to the pot and add
 the veges and chile mix.  It's basically done at this point, but gets
 better as the beans soak up some of the chile flavor, so I leave on low for 
 1-4 hours.  A crock pot would be great for this.  Use Masa flour to thicken, 
 to taste, mixing with a little warm tap water before adding to the chile. 
 Keeps a week or more in the fridge.
 It's easy to modify this one.  Many of you have your own special chile
 spices, so do your own thing there.  I will ocassionally add a can of
 green beans to the pot, or toss in a diced potato.  I found a 16 bean 
 assortment of dried beans at the store one day (western family brand) 
 and they were great. 
 kwvegan vegan