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bean-corn-chili recipe

Date:    Mon, 20 Sep 93 19:13:53 EDT
 From:    Crispin Cowan (crispin@csd.uwo.ca)
 red wine
 2 or 3 onions
 5 or 6 garlic cloves
 2 or 3 green/red peppers
 2 or 3 stalks of celery
 6 small tomatoes (it was what I got cheap at the farmer's market)
 4 tins of kidney beans
 1 tin tomato paste
 bag of frozen corn
 soy sauce
 Loisiana hot sauce
 chili powder
 ground corriander seed
 black pepper
 a big pot to put all this in
 Saute the onions and garlic in a bit of red wine.  While it's sauteing,
 chop up the peppers and celery and dump them in.  Finely chop up the
 tomatoes and dump them in.  Dump in the tins of beans and tomato paste.
 Reduce heat, stir.  Dump in 1-2 cups of the corn, or to taste.  Add
 about 2 T of soy sauce, 1 - 5 tsp of Loisiana soy sauce or to taste,
 1-2 T of chili powder, 1-2 T corriander seed, 1/2-1 T cumin, black
 pepper to taste.  Simmer for an hour or two.
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