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veggie-casserole recipe

Date:    Tue, 28 Mar 95 21:52:19 EST
 From:    Cathybear (clar6341@mach1.wlu.ca)
 This is what I put together for supper tonight, measurements are 
 approximate, and you may want to change/add seasoning as desired
 Veggie Casserole
 1 can red kidney beans, drained. (the mid-sized can)
 1 can chick peas, drained. (same size)
 2 cans tomatos (larger sized can...16 oz/ 500 mL, I think)
 1 green pepper, chopped
 1 large onion, diced
 garlic cloves to taste
 2-3 cups frozen vegetables. (I used corn)
 Combine all ingredients in large casserole dish, and bake in 400F oven 
 for 45 mins.
 You may add 1/2- 1 cup grated ff cheese the last ten minutes of cooking, 
 but I don't think it really needs it.
 Serve over couscous (or any other grain you like)  
 It was rather liquid, next time, I think I will drain the tomatoes, reserving
 liquid, and adding until it "looks right"
 kwvegan vegan