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cheesecake-2 recipe

Date: 	Mon, 11 Sep 1995 08:59:12 -0700
 From: "Berger, Jennifer N." (Berger@COURIER4.AERO.ORG)
 I've made ff cheesecake for a while now. The recipe can be found right on 
 the package of Philly Fat Free Cream Cheese.
 2 bars of ff cream cheese
 1/2 cup of sugar
 1 tsp. of vanilla
 2 egg whites or egg sub
 graham crackers for crust
 Soften cream cheese and add rest of ingredients. Blend until smooth and pour 
 into crust. Could add lemon juice and zest to make a lemony cheesecake. Bake 
 for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.
 For my brother who is a bodybuilder -- I make the above cheesecake, but add 
 3 scoops of protein powder. It becomes a high protein ff treat. Tastes a 
 little strange, but good enough to eat.
 I use the store bought graham cracker crust and when I eat my piece I simply 
 discard the crust. The rest of the family eats the crust. The crust has 5 
 grams of fat per serving. You could crush graham crackers and make your own 
 crust using ff butter spread or something.
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