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zucchini-pancakes recipe

Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 09:05:25 -0400
From: "Jan Gordon" (jan@gordon.com)
Message-Id: (000201bec942$8cecb460$f6ec5c18@jan.twcny.rr.com)

Zucchini Pancakes

This was posted several years ago, I forgot by whom. I
love this dish, can't quote the exact recipe but it goes something like

2 cups grated summer squash
1/2 cup rye (or whole wheat) flour
Egg substitute to equal 1 egg
soy or skim milk to achieve correct pancake consistency.
about 1/2 teaspoon salt.

Stir to make a batter, and cook in a hot nonstick fry pan.

I like to serve with a mustard sauce, I use the Mori-nu silken low fat tofu,
put in a food processor, thin with juice of one lemon and water to make like
sourcream.  Add a tablespoon or more, to taste, of good mustard, Dijon is
great.  You can also add fresh herbs if you have them, dill is nice.  Stir
and serve wit the pancakes.

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