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whole-grain-cereal-2 recipe

Date:    Thu, 02 Mar 95 10:11:52 EST
 From:    jayne@ejv.com (Jayne Spielman)
 Recipe: Overnight Whole grain cereal
 Here's an easy way to make whole grain breakfast cereal. It's based on
 something I found in the Deaf Smith Country Cookbook years ago. Easy
 and requires nothing other than a stovetop and a pan with a cover. I
 used to make it all the time. 
 	It's great because:
 		Don't have to watch for the boiling over
 		makes multiple portions
 		cooked grains can be included in another meal
 		can nuke a portion
 	1 part mixed whole grains (e.g. wheat berries, oats,
 		buckwheat, hulled barley, rye, millet, etc.)
 	3 parts water
 	1/3 part raisins (optional)
 	Boil water
 	Add grains [and raisins,  if using them]
 	Bring to boil again
 	Turn off heat
 	Cover pot
 	Leave overnight as is [or in a warm oven]
 	(NOTE: I usually add raisins to already cooked cereal because
 	I like the texture. They turn out differently if they are
 	added in the cooking stage. They plump up and are really soft,
 	which is nice sometimes. I guess other types of dried fruit
 	might work too.)
 	You can reheat this in the morning or eat it at room temp.
 	Suggested toppings included any of the following: 
 		milk-type stuff
 		sesame salt
 		maple syrup
 	One variation the cookbook suggests is toasting and then
 	grinding the grains in a hand grinder before cooking.
 	Apparently, this makes the grains more nutty tasting.
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