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whole-grain-cereal recipe

Date:    Tue, 25 Jan 94 08:24:18 PST
 From:    words@ucsco.UCSC.EDU (50076000)
 I would like to share a whole-grain breakfast cereal that I make
 myself. I put raisins in it & find it very satisfying. Keeps me from
 being hungry for a long time. I got it from a weird book called "How
 to Stop the Yo-Yo Diet Syndrome," can't remember the author, but his
 idea is basically vlf too. Here's the recipe:
 1 cup whole wheat berries
 1 cup whole rye berries
 1 cup whole triticale
 1 cup whole barley
 1 cup brown rice
 1 cup buckwheat groats
 1 cup millet
 1 cup sesame seeds
 1 cup flaxseed
 1 cup lentils
 10 cups oat groats 
 I mix it up, then cook a pot of it by measuring 2 cups of cereal to 5
 cups of water, bringing it to boil, & then letting it sit over night.
 Then I have a bowlful each morning, heated in the microwave until the
 cooked cereal is gone and I need to make more. Or you could do the
 same with a smaller amount, for one serving, say, try 1/4 cup of
 cereal. It's very chewy and satisfying. And of course lots of whole grains.
 Sometimes I just use oatmeal instead of oat groats, since they are
 difficult to find and I like the consistency that oatmeal adds. 
 kwvegan vegan