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wheateana-mix recipe

Date:    Thu, 24 Mar 94 10:59:29 EST
 From:    Phil Julian (julian@unx.sas.com)
 Wheateana mix
 Stir these ingredients together in the bowl:
    up to 1/8 cup of farina, yellow grits, or corn meal
    enough Wheateana to make 1/2 cup
    1/8 teaspoon salt
    raisins or other dried sweet fruit
    spices, if desired -- like nutmeg or cinnamon
 Place in microwave, and pour in one cup of water.  Cook for 2:40 on
 high, or until the water boils for about 15 seconds or so.  Take it
 out and add the following:
    A bunch of rolled oats or wheat or rye or whatever -- you can
       adjust the runniness of the mixture by adding more or less
    Some honey, if desired (I have a sweet tooth)
    Non-fat milk
 Place the bowl back in the microwave.  Heat on Defrost power level for
 2:30.  If you can program your microwave, I would suggest 0:30 at
 high, followed by 2:30 at defrost, for a better cooked cereal.
 If you make it the night before, it tastes even better in the morning.
 kwlacto lacto