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vegan-pancakes recipe

Date:    Sun, 08 Jan 95 11:10:00 MST
 From:    john.whitney@loebbs.com (John Whitney)
 I just made some pancakes for a lazy, football type morning.  They were 
 so good I thought I'd throw them on.  Here you go...
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 Title: Light & Fluffy Pancakes
 Categories: Breads, Breakfast
 Yield: 6 servings
 2 c  Whole Wheat Pastry flour          1/2 t  Cinnamon
 1/2 c  Cornmeal                          1/4 c  Apple butter
 2 T  Ener-G or cornstarch                2 c  Light soy milk
 2 t  Baking Powder                     1/8 c  Maple syrup
 1/2 t  Baking soda                       1/4 t  Apple cider vinegar
 Mix dry ingrediants together. Then add remaining ingrediants.
 Make sure all the ingrediants are mixed together well. Batter should be 
 spongy -- not runny or thick. Preheat frying pan over medium heat. Pour 
 a ladle full of batter into pan and cook on both sided until golden 
 Makes 6 large pancakes.  These are very filling!
 (Taken from "Simply Vegan" by Debra Wasserman, 1991)
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