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petes-breakfast recipe

Date:    Sun, 18 Jul 93 13:01:23 PDT
 From:    Peter_Brooks (pb@hpocia.sj.hp.com)
 2 ounces oatmeal (roughly 2/3 cup)
 1.5 ounces raisins
 1.5 ounces dried apricot, cut up
 1 apple, diced
 (all the above cooked together)
 Served over:
 2 sliced bananas
 Topped with:
 1T (homemade) Kumquat syrup.
 Side dish:  1 english muffin, with 1T homemade jam (current favorite is
 strawberry jam, though my marmalades are pretty good.)
 When it's going to be a strenuous day (like an 80-120 mile bike ride), I'll
 pour a couple of ounces of Grape nuts over the bananas, and kick the apples
 up to 2.  BTW, Granny Smiths are very good for this kind of preparation.
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