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huevos-rancheros recipe

Date: Tue, 27 Jun 1995 11:33:22 -0700
 From: PeacePop@aol.com
 Here's a recipe that works equally as well for strict vegetarians or egg
 enthusiasts.  It makes for a great breakfast, brunch, or lunch course. The
 best thing about this dish is that you can make a multitude of substitutions
 for items and in effect never serve the same dish twice. I'm using the quick,
 "I don't have time to make anything from scratch" version but feel free to
 cook your own beans, make your own salsa, etc.  It's also hard to give exact
 measurements for some items and I follow the general rule here that if you're
 wild about an ingredient, use a lot of it. Also you might want to keep in
 mind that I'm pretty erratic in the kitchen and this is the first time I've
 written a recipe, so please adapt the methods and timing.  I'm sure that
 other people don't use half the pots and pans I do in preparing a meal...
 HUEVOS RANCHEROS (very basic recipe)
 Serves 2
 6 egg whites OR enough scrambled tofu mix to serve two
 1 15oz. can of black beans
 2 fat free/low fat flour tortillas
 1 cup of salsa
 Warm tortillas in oven using a very low temperature so that the tortillas
 warm all the way through and are still soft (not until they dry out and
 become crunchy). In the meantime, drain and rinse beans and heat on stovetop
 or in microwave. As the beans are warming up, scramble the egg whites or tofu
 mix (everyone seems to have a favorite scrambled tofu precedure so I'm not
 including one here - sorry) in a nonstick pan. Some people use a cooking
 spray but I don't since I'm so paranoid about fat currently. Take the warmed
 tortillas and place each one flat on a separate plate. Cover each tortilla
 with the black beans, spreading out the beans to cover the whole tortilla.
 Top the beans with half a cup each of the salsa that you've either warmed up
 on the stove top, or top the beans with the salsa and place the plates in a
 microwave oven and heat for 1 to 2 minutes on high. Then top the salsa with
 the scrambled egg whites or scrambled tofu. Viola! it's done.
 Now here are the variations that really add to the dish:
 Instead of black beans, use pinto beans or fatfree refried beans. Add
 corn/red, green, or yellow peppers/diced onions/or other veggies to the beans
 and aside from adding extra taste to the meal, you've added a rainbow of
 color. Use mild/medium/or extra hot salsa to taste. If you're lucky enough to
 live in New Mexico or can get hold of any, add tons of diced green chile to
 the salsa or don't use the salsa and just use the green chile instead (I
 really miss Santa Fe!). Salsa too hot? Just top on diced tomatoes and onions
 instead. Melt fatfree cheese or soy cheese on top of the tortillas before
 topping them with all the other goodies. Take one baked potato and slice it
 into thin rounds or shave it into confetti and broil it in the oven until the
 slices are crisp and add it to the dish (potatoes prepared this way also make
 great side dishes to other meals. sprinkle them with lots of herbs and garlic
 also for additional taste). Instead of potatoes, used fresh banana slices
 (don't broil these!) - you'd be surprised at how good bananas taste with this
 dish. Use corn toritillas instead of flour ones (although I find them
 slightly dry). Add a dollap of FF sour cream or FF yogurt. Garnish with
 cilantro (just a tiny bit if you're inviting me over for brunch 'cause I'm
 not found of the stuff in massive quantities). Don't use the egg whites or
 tofu mix and just make Rancheros.  The list goes on forever and I'm sure you
 get the idea now.
 kwvegan vegan