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granola recipe

Date:    Mon, 13 Sep 93 09:33:04 PDT
 From:    Linn Compton (linnco@microsoft.com)
 Mix together in a big bowl:
 2 cups rolled oats
 1 cup rolled barley flakes
 1 cup rolled wheat flakes
 1 cup rolled rye flakes
 1/2 can to 1 full can thawed frozen apple juice concentrate
 I thaw out the can, then pour it undiluted directly over the grains to 
 moisten. The purpose of this is to add a little sweetness. I avoid 
 sugar and honey like the plague, so that's why I use apple juice 
 concentrate. I use a whole can (I think it's the 12-ounce size).
 (Optional) Mix together in a measuring cup:
 1/4 cup ground psyllium powder
 1 TBSP cinnamon
 Sprinkle this over the moistened grains, and mix well.
 Spread out on cookie sheets and bake in a 350 oven. I haven't got the 
 exact times worked out, so here's how I do it. After about 20 minutes, 
 I take both cookie sheets out and stir everything up. The idea is to 
 dry out the moisture and lightly toast the grain without burning it. I 
 keep checking it and stirring it about every 15 minutes or so until it 
 seems to be completely dry and about the right color. I usually turn 
 down the heat to 300 degrees after about 45 minutes so things will 
 continue to dry out without getting too dark.
 When it seems to be done, I take the cookie sheets out and set them on 
 the counter and leave them to cool off completely. When completely 
 cool, I dump the mix back into a big bowl and add about a cup or so of 
 raisins. I mix well, then put it in a big jar. I make this about once a week.
 The important thing is to make sure that it's completely dry. If not, 
 it will mildew just like a loaf of bread.
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