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crockpot-breakfast recipe

From: Maggie.Herrick@bbs.mhv.net (Maggie Herrick)
 Date: Jun 6 1995
 1/2 c short grain brown rice
 1/2 c millet, washed
 1/2 c barley, washed
 8 cups water
 1/2 c or more, date pieces*
 1 ts vanilla
 1 ts lemon juice
 At night, rinse the insde of your crockpot with water.  Add all ingredients
 and combine.  Cook on low all night.  In the morning, stir and serve hot
 with milk substitute of your choice.  This makes quite a lot.
 *  I buy what is labeled as 'date pieces' at a little over $2. a pound at
 our local natural foods store run by SDA people.  I haven't seen them
 elsewhere.  It is ground dates that are kept in 'pellet' form by dusting
 with oat flour.  I use them in my cooked cereals and sometimes when I make
 fat-free cookies.  a real handy thing compared to using whole or pitted
 dates, and much less expensive!
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