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buckwheat-triticale-waffles recipe

Date: Sat, 01 Jul 1995 15:18:38 -0600
 From: rcox@UH.EDU (RH Cox)
 Have been trying to come up with an edible fatfree veagan waffle for a
 while.  This weekend I think I finally succeded.  It is based on a recipe
 out of the `Cooking Light' cookbook, with help from `Greene on Grain'.
 FF Buckwheat-Triticale Waffle
 1       cup     water
 1/3     cups    prunes
 3/4     cup     orange juice
 1       cup     frozen bannanas
 2       tblsp   apple juice concentrate
 2/3     cup     pastry flour
 1       cup     buckwheat flour
 2       tsp     baking powder
 1/4     tsp     salt
 1       cup     rolled triticale
 Combine water and prunes in blender until prunes are pureed(could be
 several minutes).  Add orange juice, bannanas and apple juice concentrate.
 Blend a minute or two more.
 In a shifter, combine flours, baking powder and salt.  Shift into large
 bowl.  Form a crater in center of flour and add liquid from blender.  Mix
 well.  Consistency should be somewhat thick.  Add triticale and mix well.
 Pour 1 to 1 1/3 cups of mixture onto waffle iron and cook according to iron
 Makes 3-4 waffles.
 Notes: If mixture is too thick, thin it our with water or juice.
 Bannanas probably do not have to be frozen.  I routinely keep frozen
 bannas around for things like this.  The orange and apple juice could
 be any combination of concentrate/fresh. Adjust water accordingly.  If
 it is too much buckwheat flavor, cut down on the buckwheat flour.  I
 do not know if the recipe will work with more buckwheat flour.
 Triticale is an excelent grain.  If you cannot get it, substitute
 rolled oats.
 kwvegan vegan