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buckwheat-pancakes recipe

Date:    Mon, 21 Mar 94 03:32:20 EST
 From:    dp661@cleveland.freenet.edu (Dr. Neal Pinckney)
 buckwheat pancakes
 1 cup buckwheat flour
 1 cup wholewheat flour
 1 T EnerG egg replacer
 1 T baking powder
 1 t vanilla
 1 t cinnamon (optional)
 1/2 cup applesauce
 2 cups water (can add a bit more if you like thinner $ cakes)     
 Mix all dry ingredients until evenly blended. In large bowl (or a
 wide-mouth jar) add liquids and mix (or shake) as little as possible
 to make batter. Small lumps are OK, they'll disappear in cooking. 
 Overmixing will make pancakes flat and heavy.
 I spray a 1/2 second of Pam on a non-stick griddle and then wipe
 surface with a folded paper towel. Wipe again with same paper for
 each new batch
 Yields about 12 medium pancakes.
 kwvegan vegan