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apple-crumble recipe

Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 09:26:14 +1200
From: Bronwyn Ward (WARDB@transpower.co.nz)

apple crumble for breakfast

I've just been thinking that one of my favourite desserts could so easily
double as a breakfast.  I know I eat the leftovers for breakfast...

So here goes:

Mix together in a oven-proof dish:

2 apples peeled and chopped
handful of sultanas

In another bowl make the crumble topping:
0.5Cups rolled oats
handful of oatbran or whatever you like really - branflakes for crunchier...
cinnamon (yes more!)
brown sugar, honey or sugar substitute
and then add enough yoghurt (unsweetened if you used sweetener above) to make
it crumbly but not sticking together.

Put over the apple mix and bake for 15minutes (or more if you like soft apples)
at about 180-200 degrees Celsius - thats probably 350 Farenheit?

For dessert, serve with custard or ff ice cream or....?
For breakfast leftovers you don't need to add anything as it moistens

It has taken me alot of attempts to get the crumble to be almost like the one
my mum used to make - with butter!

kwlacto lacto