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russian-swiss-bread-2 recipe

Date:    Tue, 22 Mar 94 22:57:17 PST
 From:    J. Ari Kornfeld (ari@sibari.isl.sri.com)
 Subject: Re: RECIPE:  Russian/Swiss Rye Bread
   (NOTE: after the second rising the dough kind of flopped - it came
 out rather flat instead of looking like a loaf.  I simply punched the
 loaves down and rekneaded one of the loaves in extra flour.  I put the
 other loaf in a loaf pan and let them rise for another 45 minutes.
 Both methods worked well.)
  RUSSIAN/SWISS RYE BREAD (Pumpernickel) - "well-rising" version
  2      TB   Yeast
  2      Cups Hi-Protein Whole Wheat flour (found this at a local HFS)
  1      Cup  Graham Flour (whole wheat)
  1/2    Cup  Pumpernickel Rye flour (i.e. coarse grind)
  1/2    Cup  raw Wheat Germ
  2      TB   wheat gluten (optional)
  2      TB   Blackstrap Molasses
  2      TB   Sugar
  1      Tsp  vanilla
  1/2    Tsp  salt
  1-3/4  Cup  water
 ) Prepare the bread as you would any other bread.  Form into two loaves,
 ) place on a tray for the second rising and baking.
 ) If you are using a breadmaker, I recommend using manual mode and
 ) forming the bread into two loaves.
 ) Let the bread rise and bake on a tray rather than in a  loaf pan.
 ) This will give it a much richer crust.
 ) Makes two loaves.  Slice thinly (1/4 - 3/8 inch slices)
 ) Tastes great with apple butter or pumpkin spread (more on that some
 ) other time...)
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