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raisin-rye-bread recipe

Date:    Tue, 03 Jan 95 23:18:07 PST
 From:    Lois Patterson (lpat@unixg.ubc.ca)
 Adapted from Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book. 
 Raisin rye bread
 1 cup raisins
 Steam the raisins with a little water.  I use the microwave to plump them.
 (Actually the recipe has only 1/2 cup per loaf, but I like raisins)
 1 tsp. yeast dissolved in 1/4 c. water (I actually used a whole package,
 but you likely do get better results if you use less yeast, and more time.)
 1 1/2 cups rye flour
 2 cups wholewheat flour
 1/2 tsp. salt
 1/4 tsp. caraway (but I like caraway so much that I use several tablespoons,
 if I have it)
 4 tsp. molasses (I use blackstrap, and I often prefer more molasses than this.
 Last time, I only had honey around and it worked also.)
 1 T. cider vinegar (again, I had none, so used wine vinegar)
 oil omitted (the first time I did this was by accident, before
 I started doing anything fat-free, and it was fine)
 raisin water + more water as required
 Stir the dry ingredients together.  Combine molasses, vinegar, raisin water,
 and more water if needed to a total of 1 cup.  Make a well in the center
 and add the acidic ingredients, stirring a bit to make a paste.  Add the
 yeast and mix all together.  The dough will be stiff at this point.
 What LKBB suggests is to add water slowly as you knead rye dough.  It does
 work well.  After about 5 minutes of adding water slowly and kneading,
 knead in the raisins.  Stop kneading as the dough gets sticky.  Rye dough
 needs less kneading than plain wheat.
 Form dough into a ball, and let rise in the usual manner.  Deflate the
 dough, and let rise again.  Deflate and let the dough relax for a few
 Shape into a loaf.  This works well in a pie plate.  I admit that I
 grease the pan, but a flour or cornmeal dusting would also work well.
 Let the loaf rise.  Bake for an hour at 350 deg. F.
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