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potato-bread recipe

Date:    Wed, 06 Apr 94 11:42:30 PDT
 From:    vmh@IntelliCorp.COM
 Potato Bread
 1.1 pounds (~ 3 cups) of flour
 2 teaspoons salt
 1/3 pound cooked and grated potatoes
 1 1/4 cups water
 1 ounce of fresh yeast or 1/3 ounce dry yeast
 Put flour and potato bits into large bowl.
 Stir yeast with warm water in small bowl. (If the water is cold, the
 yeast will not grow. If the water is too hot, the yeast will die.).
 Add salt.
 Mix with flour and KNEAD! (Vigorously, for at least 15 minutes.)
 Let grow until size doubles.
 Make two loafs and place on cookie sheet. Let raise again briefly.
 Bake at middle heat in preheated oven. Baking time is 40 to 70 
 Hints and Tricks
 * You don't need oil or cooking spray to keep the bread from
   sticking to the cookie sheed. Just dust the bottom of the
   bread and the cookie sheet with some flour.
 * Try 400F for middle heat for starters, then vary.
 * Rolls (from the same dough) need to back 15-25 minutes,
   depending on size.
 * When kneading, use your thumbs to push air into the bread.--
   Us the balls of your hands only if you are prone to tendonitis.
 * Your dough will be sticky when you are kneading it, and
   your hands will get very doughy. Don't add flour
   to the bread! Rather, keep a bowl or bag of flour on the
   counter and dip your hands into it before and while you
   are kneading. The flour on your
   hands will keep the dough from sticking to them.
 * To clean your hands, take a bit of flour and rub
   them with the flour over the kitchen sink. Only 
   rinse afer you have rubbed off all the dough. This is
   a lot less messy than washing.
 * To clean the counter, use a piece of wood to scrape of
   the dough. Only use water when most of the dough is gone.
 * You want to raise the dough in a warm place. The oven,
   even on low, is a bit too warm, unless you leave the
   door open. To waste less energy, find other warm places
   in your dwelling. In particular, should you keep a
   boa constrictor or another large tropical reptile, 
   their cage has the perfect temperature, and they won't
   eat the dough. 
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