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oat-nutri-bread recipe

Date:    Tue, 08 Feb 94 10:53:09 CST
 From:    (U33754%UICVM@UIC.EDU)
 Oat Nutri Bread (VEGAN)
 1 3/4 c ground oats (just stick the rolled oats in a processor)
 1/4 c gluten
 1 1/4 to 2 c whole wheat flour
 2 T soy flour (this is defatted)
 2 T Sucanat (or sugar)
 1 T bakers yeast
 2 c water
 Proof the yeast in about 1 c of warm (90-110F) water with Sucanat added.
 Mix some of the oats with the gluten, add water to mix.  Add proofed
 yeast, remaining oats, 1 1/4 c whole wheat flour and the soy flour.
 Knead on a counter sprinkled with some more of the whole wheat flour,
 until resilient.  Set in a flour dusted bowl and let rise until doubled
 in bulk.  Knead it again, adding a little flour if necessary.  Place it
 in the pan you intend to cook it in, I do it in a round baking casserole
 dish that has been oiled lightly.  Let rise until about 50% increased in
 bulk (if you let it rise until 100% increased, that's okay, but it will
 not have that nice dense texture).  Or maybe somewhere in-between.
 Bake at 375-400F until done.  Yummy with brown rice syrup, I was in
 heaven.  Alternates: add a half cup of chopped broadleaf parsley for
 a savory version.
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