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microwave-ww-bread recipe

Date:    Sun, 27 Jun 93 07:51:41 CDT
 From:    "Jim Gregory" (freshair@iastate.edu)
 Here's an easy way you can make WW bread in less than an hour.  I got the
 idea reading the directions for my new microwave oven (the directions
 described how to make bread rise faster; I thought why not bake it,
 too? :-) ):
 6 cups whole wheat bread flour
 1 1/4-1 1/2 cups warm water
 1 tablespoon blackstrap molasses
 1 tablespoon honey
 1/2 cup warm water
 1/4 teaspoon honey
 2 teaspoons yeast
 Mix the last three ingredients in a measuring cup, let sit for a
 couple minutes, then pour into the flour.  Put the honey and molasses
 into the same cup, add 1 cup water, stir it to dissolve, then pour it
 into the flour. 
 Mix the dough, adding the remaining 1/4-1/2 cup of water as necessary
 to get all the flour into the dough.  When the dough is ready to start
 kneeding, put 3 cups of water in a large glass jar or bowl, and put in
 the microwave for 6-8 minutes on HIGH until it begins to boil.  (The
 water, according to my microwave book, acts as a heat absorber and
 moderator.  I never tried making bread without it, so it may or may
 not be necessary.)  While the water is heating, kneed the dough.  (I
 use an extra-large stainless steel mixing bowl to make bread, so I
 just kneed the dough in the same bowl I used to mix it.  Makes clean
 up a snap.)  Kneed for about 8 minutes, or until the water is boiling.
 **Very** lightly grease two 6-cup microwave bowls with vegetable oil.
 Cut the dough into two pieces, form these pieces into balls by turning
 the sides down and under, "twist" the bottom of the balls closed, and
 put the two balls into the two bowls, twist side down.  Put the bowls
 of dough into your microwave along with the jar of boiled water and
 microwave on the low power setting (i.e., "1" or "10") for 20-25
 minutes to let the dough rise.  The dough will approximately double in
 size.  Don't "punch it down" or kneed it a second time--just microwave
 on HIGH for 10 minutes to "bake" it.  (I do this all at one time by
 programming my microwave to cook at "10" for 18 minutes, then "HIGH"
 for 10 minutes.)  After "baking", remove the bread by simply turning
 the bowls upside down and shaking out the bread.  You'll have two
 small round loaves when done.
 The final product:  The crust of the bread will be softer than a
 traditionally-baked loaf, since the microwave doesn't dry it out and
 brown it like a traditional oven.  Also, the surface of the loaf will
 be lighter (the whole wheat flour and molasses give the bread a nice
 light brown appearance).  The inside of the bread of the loaf will be
 nice and moist, with a good crumb structure.  (I'm munching on some
 right now that I just pulled out of the microwave :-) ).  The bottom
 of the loaves tend to be a little bit soggy, but not bad at all.
 You may have to adjust cooking times to fit the size and power of your
 microwave.  Mine is a 600 W, 0.8 cu. ft. Magic Chef.
 kwhoney honey