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baguette recipe

Date:    Wed, 19 Jan 94 11:43:00 CST
 From:    "Pete Brauer 312/915-6157"                  ($W$PR42@LUCCPUA.BITNET)
 Great FF Baguette
 2 pkg. dry yeast (quick rise)      3 c. whole wheat flour
 1/2 tbsp. sugar                    1 c. unbleached white flour
 1/3 c. warm water                  Corn meal
 1 tsp salt (more or less, this is optional and does flavor the bread)
 1 c. water
 Melt the yeast, sugar, 1/3 c. warm water in a bowl and set aside.  Mix
 the flours, salt, in a bowl, add the yeast mix, and then the water.
 Mix the dough until smooth, about 5 mins.  Let rise covered with a
 damp cloth for one hour. Punch down, and divide into two or four
 loaves, then slice tops about 2 inch across, 1/4 inch deep.  Place in
 cold oven set to 350 for one hour.  For crustier bread, place a pan of
 water on the bottom of the stove for 1st 30 minutes, then remove.
 Also, you can brush the loaves with a mixture of egg-white and 1/2 c.
 water after 50 mins.
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