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cinnabons recipe

Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 09:39:45 -0700 (MST)
From: Barb Beck (barb@owlnut.rr.ualberta.ca)

This recipe is quite flexible. If you like more stuff between the layers
of your cinnamon rolls by all means add it.  Gobs of toping is great too.

This is an attempt to create Cinnabons the creamcheese topped cinnabons
available in our malls.  

Cinnabons (Cinnamon Buns)
Barb Beck

1 loaf bread dough  (frozen, from your machine or whatever)

Fruit mix:  (You can double for gooier buns)
1/2 cup apple sauce or baby fruit  even yoghurt works here)
1 Tablespoon cinnamon  
2 Tablespoons brown sugar (optional)

1 250g carton fatfree cream cheese (or sub yoghurt cheese or
    even yoghurt but sauce wil be softer but not really a problem)
sweetner of choice
1 t vanilla

Mix fruit, cinnamon and sugar if using. (I often leave it out and rely on
alternative sweetner in the topping.) Roll  dough out into large
rectangle. Spread with fruit mixture.  Roll up and slice into buns.  Place
buns into a nonstick pan and let rise.  Sprinkle lightly with brown sugar
and bake at 350 until done.  Make topping by mixing fatfree cream cheese
(or sub) with sweetner of choice and 1 t vanilla (more if you are a
vanilla nut),  Frost with the topping (or if it is too runny use as a dip) 
and enjoy.

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