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chapati recipe

Date:    Fri, 12 Nov 93 08:08:22 CST
 From:    mindy.s.mymudes@uwrf.edu
 1 1/2 whole grain flour
 1/2 cup all purpose flour
 3/4 cup water
 mix a little water at a time into the flour in mixing bowl. When all the water
 is incorporated, start kneading the dough, moistening hands frequently to ease
 it off the bowl.  When it is soft and pliable, cover the bowl with a damp
 cloth and let it stand for at least 30 minutes.
 Heat a large thick bottomed skillet, then reduce heat. Break off 2-3 oz. of
 doughroll it out on a floured surface gently  and lightly until you have
 made a flat, round disk.  Press too hard and it will glue itself to the table,
 so be light handed!  Place bread on hot pan and turn when it gets a shadowed
 look to it., carefully lift it up and turn it over, after 30 sec you should
 see tiny bubbles, then turn it over. Press down with a clean towel until
 it it evenly cooked, should be golden brown, and slightly puffy., Each chapati
 should only take a minute. Keep warm in a dishtowel, then eat. It's a whole
 lot easier to buy 'em at the coop, though!
 Love from the cold, damp, soon to snow Midwest!
 kwvegan vegan