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bagels recipe

Date:    Thu, 14 Jul 94 16:15:19 BST
 From:    Paddy Grove (grove@cpd.ntc.nokia.com)
 These won't come out quite like american ones (well, at least they haven't
 for me yet), but they're better than anything I've managed to buy here in the
 UK. (The reason for the difference, incidentally, is that European flour
 tends to be lower-gluten than US, since the climate doesn't support the US
 varieties of wheat). It's a bit time-consuming, but not difficult. Sorry
 they're in US/UK measures rather than Norwegian-friendly metric :)
   For 12 smallish bagels:
   2 oz butter substitute (applesauce or whatever)
   1 cup (8 fl. oz.) milk or substitute
   1/2 oz fresh yeast or equivalent dried yeast
   14 oz strong white flour
   1.5 tbsps sugar
   1 tsp salt
   2 tsps ground cinnamon (leave out for plain bagels)
   a few handfuls raisins ( "  "  "    "  "    "  "  )
   1 egg white or sub
   Dissolve the butter sub in the milk, heating the milk if necessary.
   Cool/heat the mixture to tepid, add the yeast and sugar and leave until it
   gets a bit frothy (about 10 mins). Meanwhile mix the flour, salt, &
   cinnamon, plus a bit more sugar if you like your bagels a bit sweet - I
   usually add a tbsp or 2.  Mix the egg white with the yeast liquid and add
   to the flour. Knead for 8-10 minutes (seems a long time when you're doing
   it!) until the dough is nice and elastic and unsticky. Work in the raisins
   a few at a time to get them evenly distributed in the dough. Leave the
   dough in a covered bowl in a warmish place to rise to double its size -
   takes about an hour.
   Divide the dough into 12 pieces, roll each one to about 8 inches and form
   into a ring, pinching the ends together with a little water to make them
   stick. Leave on a floured surface, preferrably covered with cling film or
   something, until they start rising again - about 20 mins or less if warmer.
   Bring a large pan of water to a good boil, and drop the bagels in carefully
   one at a time for about 15 secs each - they should puff up a bit. Remove
   them from the water with a slotted spoon or something and put them on a
   non-stick / PAM'd baking sheet, and brush with a little (soy)milk. Bake at
   200C (about 390F) for 20 mins or so until nice and brown. Cool on a wire tray
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