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banana-bread-5 recipe

Date:    Wed, 20 Jul 94 17:32:40 EDT
 From:    matejkrf@Picard.ml.wpafb.af.mil (Richard F. Matejka)
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 Recipe By:	Renny Darling
 Serving Size:	12
 Preparation Time:	0:35
 Categories:	Bread/2 cups flour	
 Amount	Measure	Ingredient	Preparation Method
  1/2	c	sugar or honey	
 2 JJJ		egg whites	whipped
  1/2	c	applesauce	at room temperature
 1 JJJ	c	water	at room temperature
 2 1/2	c	flour	
 2 JJJ	tsps	baking powder	
 1 JJJ	tsp	baking soda	
 1 JJJ	tsp	cinnamon	
  1/4	tsp	nutmeg	
  1/4	tsp	cloves	
 1 JJJ	c	bananas	mashed
 Preheat oven at 350.  Prepare pan(s) with cooking spray and flour. In a mixing 
 bowl, beat 
 together sugar, egg whites, applesauce, and water until blended.  In a another 
 mixing bowl, stir 
 together flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Mix w
 et ingredients 
 with dry ingredients just until moistened.  Pour batter into prepared pan(s). B
 ake 45 to 50 
 minutes depending on pan size.
 Notes:	Baking breads at lower temp. results in crusts that are thicker and che
 wer; higher temp. 
 results in a thinner, crisper crusts.
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