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whole-wheat-bread-6 recipe

Date:    Mon, 21 Nov 94 23:50:00 MST
 From:    mormaker@rmii.com
 Willie Hunt asked for a good whole wheat bread recipe for a machine.  Here's
 the one I use a lot.
 3 c. whole wheat flour  
 3 tbs. gluten flour     
 1 1/2 t. salt
 1/4 c. honey
 9-10 oz. warm water     
 2 t. of yeast
 Add ingredients as directed by your machine instructions.  Don't use the
 rapid cycle on whole wheat bread if you can help it.  The flavor is much
 better with a long slow rise.  Also using milk instead of all or part of the
 water will give you a more tender bread. 
 kwhoney honey