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wheat-germ-bread recipe

Date:    Fri, 16 Sep 94 17:51:55 PST
 From:    "Rob Ryerson" (RYERSONRA@compctr.ccs.csus.edu)
     Wheat Germ Bread - Medium size loaf (3 cups equivalent)
         (I use a Zojirushi machine)
          1 3/4 cups water
          1 1/2 tbs juice concentrate
          3 tbs honey
          1/3 tsp salt
          1/3 tsp cinnamon
          1/8 tsp nutmeg
          3 tbs gluten
          1/3 cup wheat germ
          3 cups whole wheat flour
          3 tsp yeast
          Basic white bread setting, light, today I used the timer so 
 it would be ready when we got home for dinner.
 kwhoney honey