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oatmeal-bread-3 recipe

Date: Tue, 26 Aug 1997 06:03:12 -0700
 From: Wees ("wees@worldnet.att.net"@worldnet.att.net)
 I never cook in my machine.  I love working with dough--I just got the
 abm to save me some time since when I bought it my kids were all
 preschoolers and I didn't always have time to knead!  I use the dough
 cycle, and shape into French style loaves, regular loaves, or rolls,
 etc.  I use the same dough for all types of bread and no one ever
 complains.  I also bought a huge loaf pan from King Arthur in order to
 make the size loaves the stores carry called "sandwich loaf" -- you
 know those long loaves?  Works nice for making school lunches.  Here's
 the recipe I always make.  It's my own :)
 Bread Machine Recipe
 1 to 1 1/4c water (or milk, or veg stock, soymilk, any liquid you want)
 1 1/2t salt (I use iodized sea salt)
 1 1/2T sweetener (sugar, honey, corn syrup, molasses, whatever you want)
 1 1/2T applesauce
 1T gluten (or King Arthur's Bread Machine Boost)
 1c oatmeal (quick cooking, regular, steel cut or any other grain--I use
 it uncooked)
 2 1/2c bread flour
 2t yeast
 You'll get best results with lots of machines loading this way--liquid,
 dry ingredients, then flour, then yeast.  Remember to never let the
 yeast and salt touch in your abm for best rising results.  Also, do not
 wash your bread pan with soap--which can leave residues behind that keep
 dough from rising for some time.
 I've never washed my bread pan with anything but a scrubbie pad and
 plain water.  Since I don't use animal products, I don't worry about it.
 kwvegan vegan