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maple-honey-bread recipe

Date:    Fri, 10 Sep 93 08:37:33 MDT
 From:    seb1@bighorn.dr.att.com (131010000-BadianS(DR1510)43)
 Recipe from:
 	The Bread Machine Cookbook IV, Whole Grains & Natural Sugars
 	Donna Rathmell German
 	Nitty Gritty Cookbooks, Bristol Publishing Enterprises, Inc
 	San Leandro, CA
 	ISBN 1-55867-049-1
 Maple Honey Wheat Bread (makes one large loaf)
 	-a somewhat sweet loaf
 milk/water			1.5 cups
 fruit juice concentrate		2 Tbl
 honey				0.25 cups
 maple syrup			0.25 cups
 salt				0.5 tsp
 vital gluten,optional		2 to 4 Tbl
 whole wheat bread flour		4 cups
 yeast				2 tsp
 If you use regular whole wheat flour be sure to add the 4 Tbl's of vital
 Nutritional Analysis per 1 oz slice: 71.3 calories, 0.3 gms fat, 3.1 gms
 	protein, 14.9 gms carbohydrates, 0.2 gms cholesterol, 44.2 gm Na
 kwlacto lacto