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basic-bread recipe

Date:    Fri, 02 Sep 94 08:18:09 EDT
 From:    s_silverman%w036_nw@MWMGATE1.mitre.org
     Bread:  Below is my basic bread recipe.  I commonly use a cup of
     rye or half a cup of rye and half a cup of corn flour + 3 T of
     carroway seeds.  This is great with soups or for open sandwiches. 
     This bread is a bit heavy for a two slice sandwich.  
 Basic Bread Recipe
 2 3/4 teaspoons yeast   CRITICAL use a measuring spoon
 1 t     malt powder
 2 oz    water at 120 degrees (NOT MORE) get a dial thermometer
 pour above into bread machine and measure the following. This gets
 yeast off to a good start.
 Measure out in a separate bowl the following or just wait a few
 minutes for the yeast to take off and then add directly to machine.
 3 C Whole Wheat Flour
       As much as 1 Cup may be replaced by rye,corn flour, oat flour, etc. 
 .5   C   unbleached white flour
 1  heaping T Gluten (not critical), + 1 heaping T for each cup non wheat
 1 C water, 
    Sweetening, depending on batch, could be 2 T honey, or molasses, or malt
    sugar, etc.  Amount depends on whether you want sweet (raisin) or not 
    (rye, etc. )
  1 t salt     add at end, this inhibits yeast
 (Not putting honey or molasses in the bowl makes it easier to clean.)
 Once yeast is bubbling, add dry ingredients to machine and any other
 wet ingredients, any seeds, banana, etc.  Start and watch to adjust
 moisture.  Probably needs another oz. of water.  May need more.  Each
 batch needs to be adjusted.  Should be one mass not two separate ones
 and machine should be able to stir without straining.
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